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Reiki to restore the body's natural healing processes

I think we can agree that stress-relief and emotional wellbeing is difficult to achieve at this time. Reiki is an energetic modality that can help assist with restoring the body's natural healing process and provide self-care. What's great about Reiki is the fact that it can be performed remotely.

All you need is 30 minutes of time dedicated to relaxation where you will not be interrupted. The session involves traditional Reiki symbols to allow for distance healing and to address needs throughout the session. I taylor my sessions by including other energetic healing techniques not associated with traditional reiki. I add crystals, which contain healing properties, I add elements to the Chakra's for balancing, and I turn energy up/down as indicated in order to promote healing throughout the body. The end result is feeling of calm. People may also experience pain relief, increased energy, and improvement of emotional state. After the healing is completed, I schedule a call to provide feedback and provide affirmations for continued healing.

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