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"Alicia at Beyond the Physical stewarded me on an important healing journey with so much knowledge, skill, intuition, and care. When I came to see her I was in so much pain, and was really starting to feel like I may never be out of it, or have the kind of mobility I desired. Alicia worked with me from many angles... starting with listening to me and observing my body. In the office she incorporated dry needling techniques, cupping, and hands on manipulation, along with exercises for me to do at home and recommending other professionals for needs that extended beyond physical therapy. I grew to really trust her approach to my body, and treasured my time in her care. I also eventually walked out of her office feeling better and more confident in my body's capacity then I have felt in years. I am so deeply thankful for her commitment to her practice and to my healing! If you are suffering from back related issues and are reading this review, please give Alicia Poche’s practice a try. 


"I’ve seen Alicia for back issues twice, once several years ago and again recently. The first time, I could barely make it to her office because I was in severe pain from a herniated disk. It took several sessions but in less than two months, Alicia’s knowledge and skills gave me my life back. Recently, I experienced severe lower back pain again but I got the right help at the right time. After the very first session with Alicia, I began feeling some relief from my symptoms. In just four sessions, Alicia did it again - made me pain-free.

In addition to be being a very talented/ skilled PT (in my experience), Alicia is a very welcoming and friendly person. Despite the physical pain, every single session with her is enjoyable and leaves one feeling positive and hopeful. To anyone reading this, I wish you healing and good health."


"Alicia was my physical therapist after my spinal fusion in 2016. I was impressed by her expertise and bedside manner over the course of 2+ months of in-office treatments. Fast forward to 2023 and I found myself dealing with Achilles tendinopathy. I found Alicia online (now in her own private practice) and she took me through an effective, holistic process incorporating, needling, massage, scraping, and prescribed exercises. I was glad I sought her care and absolutely recommend."


"I have been seeing Alicia at the recommendation of another patient and she has been great. She's professional, courteous and has given me lots of feedback on things I can be doing outside of seeing her in order to fix my issue. I would recommend Alicia to anyone!"


"Alicia is by far the most knowledgeable and thorough PT I have ever worked with! I found her through a running group after I suffered an acute back injury and she has helped me get back to my normal activities without being in pain for which i'm SO thankful! She is an incredible provider and I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you Alicia!"


"I had a great experience at Beyond The Physical! Alicia did a fantastic job over a couple sessions and put me in a much better physical shape. I was dealing with an ankle surgery that led to calf tightness and alignment issues. I wasn't confident in my ability to run or jump and I wasn't sure how much athletic ability I would be able to regain. Her work did wonders for me. The needling work was very tolerable. The scraping work and massage was also very manageable. And all that combined with rehab exercises to get my body back where I wanted it. Highly recommend Alicia! Especially for "difficult cases" and long term conditions that don't seem to be getting better. It's a far superior approach with much better results than run-of-the-mill PT practices. Give her a shot! You'll be glad you did."


"Alicia is the best!!! I have seen her for a nagging tennis elbow (tendonitis). I appreciate that she works with many modalities to attack a problem area. She often uses dry needling, scraping, pressure points, deep tissue work all in one session to relieve my pain. Alicia is easy to talk to, sympathetic to my pain and discomfort. She is also willing to pull in other professionals in chiropractic and massage therapy to address a problem area."


"Alicia is the best PT I have ever worked with! I feel like she takes her time during each session and addresses all issues, not just “what she has time for” as some others have said to me. I have felt so much physical relief since I started seeing her. She is also very easy to talk to, remembers details from previous sessions, and very willing to adjust her schedule for me. I always recommend her to friends/family seeking treatment."


"I have been working with Alicia for a little over a year now. Recently, I started having issues with jaw pain and scheduled an appointment with her. I left feeling so much less tension in my jaw, and with a range of motion in my neck and shoulders that I have not had in YEARS! I also see her for Reiki and I always look forward to my sessions with her because I always feel so much peace right after."


"I resisted going to physical therapy for a long time, and I'm so glad I finally gave in. Alicia's holistic approach has been everything I didn't know I needed, and I'm feeling better than I have in years."

"Beyond the Physical is a life saver. As a busy business owner, mother and wife the daily stress and neglect for my own well-being began taking a toll in the form of chronic back and knee pain. Alicia's approach combining multiple healing modalities provides her the ability to approach my chronic pain from a physical and emotional healing perspective. I haven't felt better in years. Give yourself a little self care and make an appointment with Beyond the Physical. I had a wonderful experience at Beyond the Physical. Alicia was extremely professional and provided me with care that treated me as a whole person, not just a diagnosis or injury. Her years of experience as a Physical Therapist coupled with her mindfulness and empathy definitely helped me on the path to recovery."


"Alicia introduced me to NET, Neuro Emotional Technique, in our first session. I was blown away at how quickly she could get straight to the core issue and find my blocks; then, by using NET, get the subconscious emotional block/resistance to dissipate. The results were immediate. Alicia has many tools in her bag of tricks and I love how she uses her intuition to figure out what's going to work best in the moment. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has persistent, or even "mystery" health issues and is looking for a gentle and effective solution."


“I had a back re injury and started seeing Alicia. She had been absolutely wonderful! She has been so great about looking at things from a bigger perspective and helping with body mechanics as well as energetically. Alicia explains things in the session in a way that I understand and is amazing at providing exercises in a visual format so that I can do them at home. When I leave I feel confident in better knowing what is going on with my body and how to help the process at home. Alicia is a highly trained and gifted physical therapist and healer and I’d highly recommend her to anyone seeking a comprehensive approach to healing!”

- A.M.

“I had lower back pain that just wouldn’t go away. It hurt to bend down or even to tie my shoes. Alicia suggested dry needling. I was nervous at first but it did not hurt one bit - Alicia was a true professional and administered the needles quickly and painlessly. I was skeptical at first but the dry needling dramatically improved my back pain. I would recommend 100% - Thanks Alicia!”

- A.K.

“After getting in a car wreck and dealing with neck and back pain, I began seeing Alicia for PT. In addition to traditional physical therapy exercises, she utilized treatment techniques including dry needling and cupping which were both very effective. Thanks to her help, I have been able to return to working out and playing volleyball without any pain. She is more than just a Physical Therapist, she is a healer and I am very grateful for all her help!”

- A.T.

I had a wonderful experience at Beyond the Physical. Alicia was extremely professional and provided me with care that treated me as a whole person, not just a diagnosis or injury. Her years of experience as a Physical Therapist coupled with her mindfulness and empathy definitely helped me on the path to recovery.


“Alicia is a special kind of healer... She has so much to offer, and truly wants to impact people in a positive way. I'm very grateful to have found her, and profoundly grateful for her insight and treatment. Besides the physical assessment and structural alignment work, Alicia offered me NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique), and it helped connect so many dots! The mind/body connection is a very real thing! I love that Alicia's goal is to help her clients make that connection, and encourage them along their journey of self-discovery and healing. Absolutely recommend her!”


“I was dealing with hip pain and stiffness for weeks. Deep tissue massage, stretching, Epsom soaks...nothing worked. I saw Alicia for dry needling and I was pain free by the next week. Incredibly grateful for the relief!”


“I went to Alicia for neck/shoulder pain and was very happy with the results. She used several alternative techniques, including Reiki, the Neuro Emotional Technique, and Dry Needling to relieve my pain and prevent it from returning. She was very caring and thorough during our sessions and genuinely wanted to help me feel better. I will definitely be back!”


“A friend recommended Alicia to me for holistic wellness in Austin and I'm glad I went. She has treated me for neck, foot and knee issues using a variety of techniques. Alicia used Manual Therapy and Dry Needling for my neck and foot problems, which helped me find quite a bit of relief. She also helped me adjust my training regimen to help my knee pain subside, which I was very grateful for. The neatest thing by far though was the Neuro Emotional Technique, which Alicia used to help me relieve physical pain that was tied to emotional stress. All in all I think her holistic approach is great and I would recommend her to all!”


“Alicia Poche is wonderful. She has a fantastic ability to make you feel comfortable and is a great listener to your needs. Alicia has helped me with my consistent headaches and my TMJ discomfort I've been dealing with for several years. She can offer you advice for when you leave her office to take home with you to ensure continuous improvements within your body and health. Thank you a million!”


“Alicia started as my Physical Therapist, and has since become one of my most important wellness practitioners. She does, reiki, cupping, dry needling, manual work and physical therapy on me. Without her help and care, I would basically not be able to walk around. She has worked out many issues in my body and I hope that she will be for years to come. I so very highly recommend Alicia for any physical wellbeing needs you have. She has wonderful energy and I am so glad she is here to share her energetic gifts.”


“I wish I could give Alicia at Beyond the Physical more than 5 stars. I had never been to a Reiki session before and she made me feel completely comfortable with the entire experience. I did not know what to expect going into the session, but I was blown away. I have been suffering from low-level neck pain for about 4-5 months. After my session with Alicia, my neck pain was at bay during the entirety of my work day. She also left me with tangible solutions to complete in my everyday life that I have already begun to implement. I cannot wait for my next Reiki session! I will also be sure to turn to Alicia in the future for any dry needling or other physical modalities to add to my energy healing!”


“After getting into a car wreck, I began seeing Alicia for Physical Therapy and dry needling modalities. She was able to turn a very painful recovery into something therapeutic. Every time I left a session, I was always pain/headache free. Thank you for everything!”


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