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Positive Thoughts Only

We've all heard this a number of times. It is true that harmful words can affect the body in a negative way. Emotions can stimulate production of neuropeptides, and these neuropeptides send emotions throughout our bodies affecting our health and homeostasis.

Instead of avoiding saying negative things, take a step further and reframe your thoughts. Instead of saying, "I'm never going to get better, " try saying, "I'm excited about the steps I'm taking to regain function."

Want more science?

Emotions regulate our reality. They influence what sensory information travels to our brain and what peptides will be released back into the body.

Repressed emotions are stored in the body via neuropeptide ligands; memories are, therefore, stored in the receptors.

The Peptide Network:

Immune cells produce, store, and secrete neuropeptides

Manufactures information chemicals that regulate mood and emotions

The brain, glands, and spleen all contain neuropeptides and receptors-multidirectional network of communication

The mind holds the network together creating a psychosomatic information network or the Mind-Body Connection

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